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Executive Committee + Dean's Office

Interim Dean Rosemary Blieszner standing in front of student work in Cowgill Hall

School and College Leadership and Staff

Meet the college's administrative team, including the school directors, executive committee, and dean's office staff. College administrative offices are located in Cowgill Hall on the main Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg.


Executive Committee

Headshot of Rosemary Blieszner

Rosemary Blieszner

Interim Dean of the College of Architecture, Arts, and Design

Blacksburg campus
Contact via Chriss Mattsson-Coon

Keith Goyne

Kathryn Albright headshot

Kathryn Clarke Albright

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Blacksburg campus

Robert "Bob" Smith Headshot

Paul Emmons Headshot

Paul Emmons

Associate Dean for Graduate Studies

Alexandria campus

Studio staff portrait of Jim Bassett

Studio staff portrait of Jim Bassett

Jim Bassett

Interim Director, School of Architecture and School of Design

Blacksburg campus

Staff photo of Aki Ishida

Aki Ishida

Interim Associate Director, School of Architecture and School of Design

Blacksburg campus

Joel W. Snodgrass

Headshot of Ann-Marie Knoblauch.

Ann-Marie Knoblauch

Director, School of Visual Arts

Blacksburg campus

Jeffrey Loeffert

Jeffrey Loeffert headhot

Jeffrey Loeffert

Director, School of Performing Arts

Blacksburg campus

Julia Allen headshot

Julia Allen

Assistant Dean of Advancement

Blacksburg campus

Takiyah Amin headshot

Takiyah Amin headshot

Takiyah Amin

Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Blacksburg campus

Rick Craig headshot

Rick Craig

Director of Information Technology

Blacksburg campus

Rob Jacks headshot

Robert Jacks

Director of Academic Advising

Blacksburg campus

Erin Poff headshot

Erin Poff

Assistant Dean of Administration and Finance

Blacksburg campus

Tanya Ridpath headshot

Tanya Ridpath

Director of Alumni Relations

Blacksburg campus

Julie Weaver headshot

Julie Weaver

Director of Human Resources

Blacksburg campus



Dean's Office Personnel

Christine Mattsson-Coon headshot

Christine Mattsson-Coon

Executive Assistant to the Dean

Blacksburg campus

Robin Cooley headshot

Robin Cooley

Academic Affairs Coordinator 

Blacksburg campus

Victoria Boatwright headshot

Victoria Boatwright

Digital Communications Manager

Blacksburg campus

Kasia Fthenos headshot

Katarzyna Fthenos

Advancement Associate

Blacksburg campus

Gabe Smith headshot

Gabe Smith

IT Support Specialist

Blacksburg campus

Brian Squibb headhot

Brian Squibb

Safety Compliance Officer

Blacksburg campus

Andy Tawney

Metal Shop Supervisor

Blacksburg campus

Headshot of Emily Copeland

Emily Copeland

Assistant Director of Leadership Gifts

Blacksburg campus

Mark Leach

Wood Shop Supervisor

Blacksburg campus

Jeff Snider headshot

Jeffrey Snider

Facilities Manager

Blacksburg campus

Pamela Starkey headshot

Pamela Starkey

Pre-Award Associate

Blacksburg campus

Jennifer Yates headshot

Jennifer Yates

Senior Fiscal Technician 

Blacksburg campus