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Our rich history in architecture, design, and the arts extends well beyond the Virginia Tech campus.

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We are visionaries, innovators, and collaborators who believe in social justice. 

The College of Architecture, Arts, and Design is a community of courageous architects, designers, artists, and creators of communities who care about — and work to improve — our shared natural and built environments. AAD is composed of four schools sharing a vision to understand and shape the spaces and places where we live, work and play.

Get to know our unique schools, each with distinct and distinguished programs, communities, and cultures.

Our School of Architecture, School of Visual Arts, School of Performing Arts, and School of Design provide undergraduates and graduates access to creative learning and active inquiry opportunities, like hands-on clay formation, skyscraper design, or preparation for life on the stage.

Unlock Your Potential with Our Educational Offerings

Forge your own path toward a rewarding and impactful career with the many program options available in our top-ranked schools. Choose from 11 undergraduate majors and 11 minors, sample different fields with our undecided undergraduate major, or explore our six Master's degrees, Doctoral degree, and graduate certificate program. No matter which program you choose, you'll graduate with the skills, ability, and confidence to tackle pressing and complex problems of all scales.

Round out your college experience with extracurricular opportunities alongside our vibrant and welcoming campus community.

Beyond the classroom, our college prioritizes hands-on experience through research, study abroad experiences, internships, and student organizations that expand skills and broaden horizons. Find support for your endeavors by plugging into Hokie communities and campuses that are committed to equity and inclusion.