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Diversity + Equity + Inclusion

Student and faculty working on design together at the Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center.

Our Equity and Inclusion Commitment

The College of Architecture, Arts, and Design at Virginia Tech identifies with insightful planning, place-making, community, creative design, and visual and performing arts.

In all of these and related efforts, it is our collective responsibility to encourage, build, and embrace the polyculturalism of our world. We do this by acknowledging and addressing our past, recognizing our current responsibility, and acting in the interests of building and sustaining communities that are truly safe, supportive, and inclusive for all.

Our commitment is to continually and proactively engage in these processes for the benefit of our students, staff, and faculty across the college, and for the communities around the world we aim to serve.

Mia Jimenez, a graphic design student, paints on a mural during a HokiePride community mural event Friday at the Armory.

A student walks in the background. In the foreground, the words "Our differences INSPIRE US" are in focus on a painted banner.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Committee for Students, Staff, and Faculty

As part of the ongoing efforts to formalize the diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in the college, an advisory committee includes representation from faculty, staff, and students across AAD.

AAD Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion:


  • Ethel Gotay, Design
  • Ninoska Bertran-Turcios, SOVA


  • Kathryn Albright
  • Rob Jacks
  • Paul Emmons
  • Susan Roseborough
  • Natalia Smith
  • Brianna Traut
  • Johnson Olayiwola
  • Ninoska Bertran-Turcios
  • Zuleka Woods
  • Jenn Thomas
  • Paola Zellner Bassett
  • Elif Tural
  • Nate Heavers
  • Josh Iorio
  • Abiola Akanmu
  • Meredith Drum
  • Nate King
  • Theo Lim
  • David Bieri
  • Dominic Murphy

AAD Instructional Innovation Challenge Mini-Grant

The AAD Instructional Innovation Challenge invites faculty innovation for inclusive pedagogy through revision of curricula to assure diverse perspectives and inclusive instruction in the course content, embracing student-centered learning approaches, and experiences across AAD academic programs. These mini-grant opportunities will assist in the implementation of the college's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee's goals.

2022-2023 recipients:

  • Edward Becker
  • Amanda Lechner
  • Shalini Misra
  • Michelle Moseley-Christian
  • Patrick Roberts
  • Annie Ronan
  • Paola Zellner Bassett
  • Yaoyi Zhou

2021-2022 recipients:

  • Amanda Lechner
  • Eiman Elgewely
  • Michael Borowski
  • Matthew Dull
  • Terry Clements
  • Shalini Misra
  • Michelle Moseley-Christian
  • Annie Pearce
  • Annie Ronan
  • Renee Ryan
  • Sharone Tomer

Inclusive Climate courses available through the Professional Development Network